I have over 15 years of experience writing for various companies including those in the publishing, IT, manufacturing, and retail industries.

My educational background is Journalism and IT, so this gives me a unique mix of knowledge to work on a wide variety of projects such as website copy, news stories, info pieces, software and product user manuals, info sheets, and much more. I also manage and edit content for various businesses to ensure their web content is always fresh. This of course, is of utmost importance when it comes to the ever-changing online world.

I have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to software and technologies. I work with several different Content Management Systems (CMS) as well as blogging and website platforms including WordPress and Blogger. I am fluent in HTML and I have been using Adobe CS for many years. I am constantly learning new technologies and software (it’s a small hobby of mine!).

I love what I do, so I put everything I have to offer into each project I work on. I have a keen eye for detail (some say that I am a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to my work!), so I will work closely with you until your website says exactly what you want it to say and looks exactly the way you want it to look.